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Logistics & Tour Operations

Where you choose to host your mobile marketing event is every bit as important as what you bring to your target audience

keeping your tour on schedule

There are more details to scheduling a successful mobile marketing tour than, “stay south in the winter and north in the summer”

  • How many events per week?
  • What is the duration of each event?
  • How long will installation and dismantle take?
  • How many miles between planned stops?
  • Need to go to Canada?
  • B to B tour?


Tour scheduling starts with these questions but the answers will help us create a customized tour time line that is specific to your brand. That’s why you need an experienced mobile tour planning ninja on your side!

INNOVATIVE MOBILE road show operations personnel are experts at customs paperwork and protocol for border crossing.

tour operations

The cornerstone of outstanding experiential marketing tour operations is great people. People experienced at multi-tasking and always staying on top of every detail. Our brand ambassador driver/ tour managers are well versed in all aspects of the road. We provide complete tour management services including:

  • Vehicle maintenance, upkeep and safety compliance
  • Fuel, Road Tax & DOT Compliance
  • Insurance, registration, & permit coordination
  • Logistics coordination & communication
  • Scheduling & routing
  • Licensed full-time drivers
  • Staff to work mobile events, including set-up & tear-down
  • Staff per diem, lodging & expenses
  • Mobile internet connection
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • GPS tracking & security alarm
  • One monthly fee. No surprises. No hassle

now what?

Sometimes stuff happens on the road unexpectedly and it’s the middle of the night and your tour vehicle just had a break down.

the show must go on

Count on INNOVATIVE MOBILE’ nationwide database of repair facilities and mobile repair contractors to help keep the tour on schedule.

We believe in a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to help keep your tour vehicle moving without interruption

you can count on us